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Does Zbolt sell real <5mw lasers?


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May 14, 2011
Yes Z- Bolt has been around a long time and the laser outputs of their products are what they say they are---Z-Bolt certifies same. See Z-Bolt Laser Safety page and call them if concerned.
They offer very good quality pens and at the moment at very good discounted prices some w. free shipping.

Under US FDA laws , rules, and regulations laser pointers are limited to 5mW maximum.
It is illegal to import and sell from within the USA to a customer within the USA any laser pointers >5mW
"Laser products promoted for pointing and demonstration purposes are limited to hazard Class IIIa by FDA regulation.
21 CFR 1040.11(b) and 1040.11(c), limit surveying, leveling, and alignment, and demonstration laser products to Class IIIa. This means that pointers are limited to 5 milliwatts output power in the visible wavelength range from 400 to 710 nanometers. There are also limits for any invisible wavelengths and for short pulses" ~ https://www.fda.gov/radiation-emitt...rtant-information-laser-pointer-manufacturers
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