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Documentation/diagrams needed for scanner please


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Aug 4, 2015
Hi all,

I recently purchased a AixiZ 30K Scanner Set ILDA Ready. I received the unit but I did not get any manuals or wiring diagrams. I am somewhat of a newbie and purchased this unit to play with it and learn more on scanners and laser shows. I really don't trust myself to intuitively try to wire this by myself. I'm sure to blow it up, and it was not cheap.

Can anyone please share the manuals or wiring diagrams with me?

The unit is advertised as:
Power Supply: 110V-250V AC 50-60HZ Output +18V 1.5A -18V 1A Max. Scan speed: More than 30kpps ILDA @ 8° Mirror Type:High quality dielectric mirrors reflectivity > 97% (25°-65°) at 400nm-700nm (RGB system application) Mirror Size: X:9.5X6.5X0.7mm Y: 12X6.5X0.7mm Mirror Reflectivity: >97%(25°-65°) Max. angle: 55° Signal Input: Analog ±5V Driver Adjustments: Gain, Size Position, Linearity, Damping, Servo gain. Components Part: Scanner head, Amplifier/Driver board, Cable, Mount, Power supply, DMX PCB.

Thanks in advance,

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