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DIY: LPC-815 at 0.45A, Ehgemus Easy Build Host, Flexdrive v5


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Jul 26, 2010
Well I have a digital meter... the setting says millAmps. I believe your says DCA for Direct Current AMPS if thats what your asking yes. I on purpose left the LOC pins hanging off a little more than I usually do.

I have those probes that have the little hooks hanging off of them and attached the black to the + anode of the diode and the red probe on the laser casing to take the current set. Remeber that I had some very declining AAA and it was hard to get any solid #'s

Thanks for the clarification :) Yes that is what I meant. I'll try the same reading later today.

Btw here is about microboost: http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/l...lavadrive2-fits-pens-22502-56.html#post784259

Basically it can be used, it will not fry anything. The problem is that on LPC-815 the case pin is the negative negative pin (ant the negative pin is not used) and since the negative on the microboost is not common with the negative on the battery terminal it leads to the driver and from the driver to diode need to be hooked individually and the "diode case/heatsink/host" must be isolated from the negative terminal of the battery somehow. For the sake of testing like I did, hooking up this diode to the microboost is perfectly ok :)
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