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Jan 17, 2021
I´ve got two CNI/Nova lasers in metal cases. Have used them far less the one hour. The are in excellent new shape.
Green from CNI PGL-III C 450mw. Ny pris - PGL-III-C-532nm-450mW/Unit USD730.00
Best regards Jocke

CNI is famous for its laboratory grade, stable, and durable lasers.

CNI is the leading manufacturer of lasers,
spectrometers, power meters and optical systems in China.
CNI is dedicated to offer best quality lasers, laser systems, optical
spectrum analyzer, optical measuring equipment, laser processing
equipment, machine vision and the photoelectric detection, etc.
Every year, about 20000 pcs CNI products are delivered to more
than 8000 customers around the world.
.Jämfört med de billiga lasrarna saknar inte denna IR filter samt kalibreringen av KTP crystal/kristallen är av världsklass!

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Sep 4, 2020
Only a mod can delete the thread. But yes you need a minimum of 20 posts before you can list something for sale. In the future you only need to post it once also


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May 14, 2011
You double posted the same thread --at least ask ine of the mods to delete the other one + you ingnored the LPF rule about posting in buy sell and trade --- under the title of the sub-forum it clearly states: "Buy, sell, and trade lasers and/or laser pointers. Minimum 20 laser related posts required before thread creation."

You would have much better luick and be better off putting them on eBay you might have a chance of a collector seeing your listing who is willing to pay an unreasonable price for it.

Is very unlikely anyone LPF member is going to buy anything from an unknown new member with no track record.

Novalasers has long been out of business and you neglect said how old the lasers are other than a deceptive "have only used them 1 hour and excellent new shape" without a Laser Power Meter test of actual output---532nm components do degrade over time depending on storage conditions. How old is it? When was it purchase from CNI reseller Novalasers who is no longer.
Novalasers was/is a member here --last post was in Aug 2010 see: https://laserpointerforums.com/members/novalasers.9114/
The price is crazy in todays world. 532nm lasers have come down considerably -- They were more expensive way back in 2008 to 2012 and always crazy silly high from LaserGlow.

You can buy an excellent 500mW 532nm PL-E Pro from JetLasers for $269.99 these days see: https://www.jetlasers.org/index.php...attery-no/49-goggles-no/30-power_levels-500mw
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