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Deep lens cleaning on my 525 and beamshots:


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Apr 27, 2019
Well my 525s spot got real dirty and cleaning the lens while it was in the barrel wasn't cutting it, So I took the g8 lens out and disassembled it luckily the G8 is a single element lens so it was pretty simple to take apart. Pictures of the lens itself:

Note: Because I live in a really dusty environment I have to clean my lasers lenses daily but only have to do "deep cleaning" once in a while.
Anyways as you can see the spot improved a lot(Note: I made the decoration myself with a secondary task of acting as a laser "dimmer" to let me look at my 1.6w blue and 850mw green lasers without really having to use goggles while in the process of testing and maintaining them and cleaning lenses)

And finally here are the beam shots: Ofc I checked for flights!