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Custom Built Labbies?


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May 14, 2022
Despite this forum being about laser "pointers", I'm wondering if anyone here has any interest in building custom lasers for holography and other applications of a single mode, stable, high quality beam.

It's a challenge, but there may be economic value in low-overhead competition with companies like Coherent, Lasos, and Cobolt for a Watt of red (for example) with very long coherence length. I was overjoyed to pay only $7500 for 150mW of blue from a HeCd with less than a foot of coherence.

It just seems to me that an unexplored country exists for those here having the experience, talent, and enthusiasm for building lasers. With power and collimation under the belt, add stability and coherence. Instead of knife-edging, try an extended cavity. Bolt it down, plug it in, then play with the light controlled and safe.

Just wondering.