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Could I Use This As a Host?


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Aug 22, 2013
You can go to a craft store and pick up "round nosed pliers" they will be in the bead / jewelry making section. These are what I use as they fit nicely inside the holes and are sturdy enough that you can really twist the stubborn pieces. I'm a huge advocate of doing things unconventionally or things that nobody has done before. I say even if this is your first build go for it. Check out the "Pman special" thread -http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/pman-special-85150.html

He's got some really great ideas. If you are looking to keep costs down for your first learner build you don't have to have a heat sink machined (unless it's a high powered diode that will get hot)

Just go slowly and think about what you are about to do, what the next step is after that then do the first step. I do this to keep from doing something that will make the next step harder. And actively thinking about what I'm doing helps me keep from making mindless mistakes.

What diode / driver set up are you thinking?
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