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Coherent !


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May 11, 2007
If they "state" next day then one would assume they have policies in place to be able to honor that policy, and I for one would be pissed off if I paid for the next day delivery and didn't get it. There is too much bullshit going around now days !! If you can't deliver then DON'T state that you can. I have a Website, and on the shipping page it clearly states "FROM same day delivery to X amount of days, depending on where you live". The only way someone will get same day delivery is if I already had the Courier booked to pick up another order in the morning say and I can just process the "same day" order and tack it on to the existing pick up. Otherwise if I get an order say Monday before closing it won't be able to leave before Tuesday morning. I know that sometimes shit happens, but in that case at least refund the extra money that was paid for the shipping upgrade !! I hate waiting for things also and will often pay a bit more to get it sooner so I know where you are coming from Greg.