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CNI Portable Green 500mW + Multimedia


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May 14, 2011
Any link to this lazer?
I bought this years ago and someone stole it.
Want to get another green lazer.
In case you didn't notice this thread is 12 years old and last post with link in it is 9 years old.

On Sept. 30th, 2015 CNI officially announced that laser pointer and portable laser series products for SLA purpose would be no longer exported to the U.S. "from Oct 1st, 2015. The incoming SLA orders from American customers will be rejected. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused!" s and have since removed them completely from thier web site. Presumably they no longer make/offer them---just modules---so you are SOL on that one.

If you want an excellent quality hand held 532nm and beyond excellent customer service ---get a JetLasers 532nm PL-E Pro or 532nm PL-E Mini --prices are lower than anytime in the past as well see: https://www.jetlasers.org/index.php?id_category=17&controller=category
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