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Chinese "2W" 450nm upgrade/mod


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Jan 25, 2022
Hi, this is my first post, want to say hi to everybody, I`m Mihai, and I`m into electronics for some time, but on lasers I`m a newbie. So, I want to buy the chinese version of the laser in the attachment, which I see from different reviews has an output of about 1,6W, and replace the laser diode with a Osram plpt5 450ka which can easily output 2,2W. The host uses 2*18650 and more then sure has a step down dc-dc converter. I have a few questions, maybe some of you already have done this kind of mod. Does the driver can output 1,5A and the original diode it TO-56 package like the Osram, I mean, the new one will fit exactly in the place of the old one? Thank you!


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