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Can Maglite 2D side clicky switch handle up to 4.5 Amps at 8V DC?


Jan 7, 2012
Hello, tried to find answer to this question in previous threads but couldn't find a discussion on this sibject.
Jayrob laser kits have used Maglites up to 3 Amps but not 4.5 Amps. Maybe his flashlights used high amps but I don't know if he modded the switch to handle the hi amps.

1) I am thinking about a DTR 35mm copper module NUBM44 running on two 32650 batteries in series (approx. 8V DC) using a standard Maglite 2D. Will the metal tabs in the switch hold up? They look a bit thin. I assume the tabs will arc and slowly burn out (?)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I have seen mechanical clicky tail switches running 450nm lasers at 4.5 Amps and the switch seems to be doing ok and if they're doing ok, why not the mag switch too?

2) What gauge wire should I use to hook up the switch? 22GA or 20GA or.......?

Thank you for your help.
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