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Buying experience with HAKZAW1


Feb 18, 2014
I hesitate to post this thread, because it seems really redundant to say more GOOD stuff about Len (Hakzaw1)... But I'm going to "pile on" anyway and say what a GREAT experience buying from him was. :p

He answered all my questions... I PM'd him about one of the JetLaser TI-B 100mw 532nm (14500 battery model) units he still had left. Wow. Let me offer some advice, if you ever PM Hak a question, you better set aside some serious time to read his replies -- because his answers are "THOROUGH." He not only answered my questions, but gave me a bunch of additional answers to questions I never thought to ask! :yh:

He saved me money... Total cost with shipping and fees was around $40 less than it would have cost me from the JetLaser web site. The only "difference" is this is the older TI-B that uses the smaller 14500 battery. That isn't a problem for me, as I don't need massive runtime between charges.

He shipped really quick... I had the tracking number within an hour of payment, and had the package in my hand 4 days later (half-way across the US).

He packed it well... USPS box, foam on all sides, laser and tailcap in anti-static bags, bubble wrap around the laser, more foam around the tailcap. All arrived in perfect condition.

He threw in goodies... Unpacking the box was like opening a Christmas stocking. I kept finding additional laser and BBQ-related items he added to the box!

He included instructions... Packed in the laser was a slip of paper advising how to insert batteries (case positive), and another slip with the tail cap explaining how to avoid losing the spring. In addition, he PM'd me more information before the laser arrived.

Oh yeah, there was a laser in the box... The TI-B laser itself (I need to do a review at some point) is BEAUTIFUL. Kudos to JetLasers! The titanium is brilliant, machining and polishing is perfect, focusing mechanism works smoothly. The tailcap "switch" is a bit odd -- but it works extremely well, provides both momentary and constant modes, and uses a mechanism that will never fail. Beam is stable, dot is crisp and round. A quick test with a PARTIALLY CHARGED 14500 battery (3.8V) put it at about 110mW, which is 10% over spec. I expect it will be a bit more than that with a fully charged battery.

All around -- an excellent buying transaction (and a great laser)!

THANKS HAK! :thanks: :beer: :beer:
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Jul 20, 2013
So what should I understand from here?
To ask him all my not n00b questions:D,+rep from me, Scott;)

And of course there isn't enough reputation to give to Hakzaw1 on this forum.
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