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Brightness 800mw 532nm V 1W 520nm


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Apr 1, 2015
I knew that it had to be higher in terms of power to double perceived brightness regarding a greenie. There are some interesting things here. Yes I've spotted my 100mW 532nm hitting clouds before now, but my 300mW 520nm belts clouds visibly hitting them, despite having worse divergence, I can really tell it's got a more oblong shaped "dot" when I view it with glasses on. It's really good fun regardless. Got mine from Sci-Fi Lasers, and it's got excellent performance, I love how it never falters in the cold unlike a PDSS laser too, my 532nm is still temperamental, more of a summer laser.

Wow Alaskan that last photo is awesome, shame you won't see it if you are wearing glasses. Great show for people watching from a distance though.