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Bought a laser that seems brighter than expected. Any way to ballpark the power without a meter?


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Nov 26, 2021
I bought a laser (marked as an assassin, looks like a 303) from eBay some of the photos had a 200mw class iiib sticker, some had a class iii <1mw sticker.

Upon receipt it has a <1mw class iii (no a or b) but it's bright. Brighter than the brightest <5mw I ever bought.

It has an adjustable focus, and even when projecting at about >10mm over 2 meters it's still a solid green circle.

It's possible the lasers I've used before (the 2xaaa type) are simply way below actual figures, and this running on an 18650 is just actually better. but I don't want to risk burning my eyeballs on an unexpected reflection.

Any help would be appreciated.