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blazel asers

Oct 24, 2006
Hey retard, my name is carter. I'm guessing you're trying to talk to me?

In any case, do you not read what I say at all? Of course you don't, if there's one person here with a motive its you. Yes, I made a mistake and I'm working to fix it. No, that doesn't make me happy. Yes, its my fault. Yes, I'll continue to offer lasers whether people buy them or not. Yes, I'll continue to offer the high level of service a majority of my customers report.

But: No, my actions will not stop me from reporting THE TRUTH about other laser companies. You keep seeming to think I attack other companies because I'm trying to hype up my own stuff. However, not only have I been running tests out of my own pocket and trying to call out scammers well before I ever sold even $1 in laser products, but I continue to speak my understanding of the truth about other products as well as my own (ask anyone who's bought a Prometheus from me and asked about my opinions versus an Aries. You'll see I tell each and every one several important reasons why an Aries is better, although I defend the Prometheus too). Perhaps its hard for someone like you to understand that people can have motives other than money, and that people do not like to see others making money through fraud and deception, but that doesn't mean those people don't exist.

For some reason, you don't seem to realize that I'm trying to get the truth out first and foremost. Yes, I sell some laser stuff from time to time and yes I have made mistakes (though I feel I try harder than many to correct them) but I do not let that affect my opinion. Whether I succeed or not, I try to abide by a higher form of ethics

So anyway, before you spew any more bogus info, would you mind letting em know what your agenda is or who you represent? Clearly you wish to use the negative tactics you mention for your own gain, but since you know they would be detrimental to you, you keep your identity hidden. Long story short - you have no reputation or credibility in my eyes, and just a guess, but I get the feeling most of the forum feels similarly