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Battery holder and laser module


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Aug 31, 2019
Okay, so this is my second post, I REALLY hope I don't get scolded for asking this question that might have been answered before, I did some research on saint Google using quotation marks to get more precise results, but got no useful results, so here it goes:

A couple of months ago, I picked up an RGB 300mW laser module from techhood on Ebay, comes with a driver (TTL I think), it demands 12 volts of DC, I assume most of you know what I mean here. It eventually arrived, I'll add as well that the blue laser diode went LED the same day it got here, so I asked the seller for a blue LD replacement, they agreed so I paid for it and it's on the way (that flight sure is long, must have been a tearful farewell to its siblings).
With that out of the way, I suspect that this failure was due to me using one of those AC extension cords that have an on/off switch, because more than a year ago, I got a 505nm module that still works, but this RGB one has more mouths to feed and the current management can get tricky (I'm trying to explain this as good as I can, I'm not an electronic savvy guy, sorry for that). I then remembered that I watched XM360 reviewing a similar module on YT, saw him operating it with a battery holder attached underneath at some point, so a question popped up in my head:
If the module can work just fine with a power supply not coming from an outlet, how many 18650s are necessary to make this module work/usable/not get fried? If it does work, are those battery holders with an on/off switch reliable?