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ARG! Why do they only accept paypal!!!


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Nov 22, 2014
IIRC CNI doesn't accept PayPal. Most member based companies DO like Survival Laser, DTR, and SCI-FI laser.

I'd like to take a moment here in this necro thread to weigh in on grammar. I think it's important to use correct grammar but this IS an online forum, the emphasis should be on the content of the post not a few missplaced commas or than vs then etc.
With that being said Proof read your post! It shows you care. My girlfriend is a third year English major and she beats me over my gammar sometimes.(I'll survive)

Also the primary language on this forum is english(as stated in a sticky). I think most foreign forum members do a GREAT job communicating. For that we thank you. :beer:
Only the Sci Fi laser site use only paypal as payment gateway and can give me some more names of sites or list may be