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Are there any red and green flashing laserpointers?


New member
Jan 29, 2019
In Germany, laser pointers are only allowed up to 1 mW. A 1 mW laser point on a bright screen is sometimes not easy to spot. I imagine this could be helped - at least somewhat - with a pulsed signal that flashes red - green rapidly.

Also I have seen laser pointers that have "beamformers" (???) that make a figure, like a smiley or a flower. Are there any that form an arrow? This would sometimes be useful when you need to point in a certain direction or your Powerpoint slide. Long time ago, I used a pointer with a tungsten filament in the form of an arrow, which was projected on the screen via a lens in front of the bulb. It was sometimes very useful!

Finally, it would be good if my "perfect" ;) laser pointer would use a (small) rechargeable battery that can be replaced, but also recharged via a USB port in the pointer.

Are there any such laser pointers?