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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

Are goggles necessary for the sanwu blue 304

Sep 20, 2013
You're not getting it. LPF has to have a higher standard on laser safety otherwise you can get a lot of angry people itching for a lawsuit or worse someone losing their sight. People come here for guidance and information. If you're going to open your mouth make sure it doesn't subject LPF to a situation we don't want.
I know it sounds strict but everything involved with safety has to be because it means loss of QOL and death.

I assure you that nothing I've said is harmful to anyone. A diffuse reflection is not at all collimated and can be seen from any place outside or in a room. That means the light is spread everywhere. It is possible to get a bit of flash blindness if one uses a high power green laser up close, but even that is temporary. These blue lasers especially at three watts or less have diffused reflections that won't cause permanent damage.

Unown (WILD)

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Sep 4, 2020
I told you to stop and you keep running your mouth. I seriously think there's something wrong with your cognitive abilities at times Paul. What do I do to someone who refuses to listen?
I don't give a rats behind whether you think it's safe or not to look at diffused laser light without protection and honestly I think without further study we cannot risk saying it is. Maybe it's because I'm ignorant about the matter but...
Read my lips. Do not post about this again. I will ban you for a month if you bring it up again and I will consider a permaban if you continue to bring it up after that. I do not want to risk LPF getting in hot water because of you or anyone else that spouts what specifically is safe and what isn't. Am I coming in clear?
Everyone please tell me in pm if I'm overreacting here.