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Any LED flashlight style (center positive) 16.8mm boost laser driver?


Oct 19, 2013
It would be a nice deal, even though a bit rich for my blood - still, new Ocean Optics spectrometers go over $4,000, depending on the features.


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Sep 4, 2018
* You drilled the center hole into the driver, so I guess you may have seen my blue laser build.
Hi - I had a diode accident - and decided that a better way to try it would not be to glue the top-half of the heatsink to the pill - but trim down the pill by around 3-4mm, and also trim down one of the aluminium back pieces by around half of it's length - that way, I've glued the aluminium module-back to the pill, and screw the copper module front onto it.

This is nice for a couple of reasons - It eliminates the need to glue a module with diode pressed in to anything, gives a slightly tighter fit - where the copper module is pressed into the front of the host by the threads on the pill, and lets me use standard drivers soldered directly to the diode leads, as the hole in the aluminium module-back is retained.

Downsides are that it requires shaving down both parts - very trivial if you've got a lathe (I don't), but I managed fine with a hacksaw, Dremel and abrasive paper to flatten the faces before gluing together.

I'll post the build referencing yours once I finish it. (I know this is now in the wrong forum, but I thought it'd be better to reply to you instead of to your old blue build thread)