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Any interest in these cheap 5.6mm Housings?


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Nov 27, 2013
So whilst i was purchasing a batch of new products to sell i also though 'what the heck' and bought some of these 5.6mm housings as they where quite cheap, especially since i was just adding them to an exsisting order.

My original plan was to just offer these up as 5 packs of cheap housings for anyone experimenting with a low budget but im still wondering if many DIY guys here would even find them useful, comments and replies would really be appreciated, heres the pics:

Diode Mount, notice it doesn't screw in but is instead press fit into the lens tube:


And heres the lens tube, the lens is supposed to be positioned and then glued into a fixed focus, the lens holder only has about 2 threads on it so its not great for constantly adjusting:


So there they are, nothing top notch and i wouldnt expect them to be used in some of the nicer more expensive builds.
But hey, they still might be useful for those strapped for cash or just want something to put together once and not adjust?

Oh and heres some of the other goodies i got in the recent order :p
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