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  • Hi there I been thinking of building my own laser pointer since we can't import them into Australia. Was wondering can you lead me the right direction, like what parts would I need and how to build it. I want to build something powerful

    Sure will, i remember when i started and the dollar was at 0.76'ish and i was like damn this sucks, and then it dropped to 0.69 and i was back wishing, 76 is fine, 76 is fine!
    Hit me up on my email (I'll PM you) when you get laser safety glasses in the near future :). Since right now the AUD to USD rate is crazy :banghead:
    Sadly not yet, im still too decide which ones to source etc.. and anything that i do get will have to have an added cost because it will need to be shipped by satchel/parcel.
    Was looking at your ebay store and wanted to ask do you sell laser safety glasses.
    Im in Australia.
    I just replied to you on eBay, dont have any hosts unless you want some cheapy ebay pen hosts
    Hey SyKo,

    The module works great thank you for that you've obviously seen that I've purchased a second?
    I'm happy if possible to buy of you one of the casings that you use for your personal collection if possible.
    I'm getting desperate here hey?


    yep, received it a couple of days ago, and all is well. I'd forgotten how much I loved the green colour!
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