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An Experiment[w/pictures]


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Jan 21, 2016
So, I created this as a totally experimental laser from a flashlight/laser sitting around my house. I had just received my Kryton GITD host from Grainde, and wanted to mess around with it. This was a completely temporary build since I want to get a diode from DTR in the future.

There where some issues of course with it being from a flashlight and it didn't really fit correctly in the host, but I had to mess around with something.

Also, as a side note, I have no idea what wavelength or how much power this laser is but I'm assuming it's <5mW because it was store bought.

So here is the flashlight host - missing the back and top covers.

Here's the top of it with the plastic covering over the LEDs and Laser.

I removed the covering so that I would gain access to the LEDs and Laser. Then I took them out from the host.

This is the laser piece with some glue that was very easy to remove.

So now I have de-soldered all wires from the leads and the LEDs, now I'm going to remove the yellow wire that attached the LEDS to the Laser and replace it with the white wire.

Then I took the Kryton host with pre-installed leads and wrapped the wires together, so I didn't want this to be a permanent thing, really this was just an experiment for me to mess around with for a couple hours.

Here's a picture of the host, it's so nice I can't wait to get a really nice diode in there in the future.

Now it wasn't a perfect fit, actually it really didn't fit at all. the lens adjustment didn't do anything since there was no lens for it to fit on.

But...it somehow actually worked, I really didn't think it would since this is my first type of experiment like this, but I enjoyed it heres some pictures of the dot and beam.

Thanks for checking my experimental laser out, pretty proud of it since I've literally done nothing like this before!
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