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Allow me to introduce myself a bit (:


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Dec 14, 2009
:yh:Welcome to the forum. Anybody here will bend over backwards to help you out, as long as you help yourself first IE: search button.
I know personally that the search can be a pain in the butt sometimes. but along the way you can learn also. There has been many times I had to search for a answer for a question and got sidetracked by a post on a different topic. "This does not answer my question but looks interesting ,I'll read the whole post" That type of deal.
But to give you a idea of how much info. this forum contains and how much help I have received from other members. 5 months ago I did not even know any color of laser except red exisited, now I am building all colors (RBG) from scratch. Except the DPSS modules of course, have not gotten that far yet. Give me another 2 or 3 months.:crackup:LOL
Wow! looks like you got pretty advanced pretty quickly! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

T. Bone Steak/T-Bomb/Timmy