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Aixiz on the mend !!!



Okay folks I spoke to Chuck at Aixiz today, and we spoke for a good long time about the issues pllaguing them lately. He asked me to convey his utmost apologies to EVERYONE that has ever had any issues with them. It is a family run business, and Kipkay REALLY screwed them up when he posted info on the net about making those pointers. He received over 8,000 orders in less than a weeks' time, and is completely swamped them. They are in the business of manufacturing lasers for laser shows, medical areas, and a few other areas of interest, so when all the orders for modules etc, came in - they were taken completely off guard. Why am I explaining all of this to you ? Because Aixiz is TRYING to make things right with me, and with others that have experienced issues with them. I am all for improvement in communications, and customer service - so I agreed to post info on behalf of Chuck. I am happy with the results of talking to him, what he has said makes perfect sense, and I will continue to do business with them - I was also asked to publish the following information for them - if ANY issues arise with your Aixiz order, please call the 1-800 number, Chuck's personal Cell number, the Toll number, their email, or write to them at the address given below - he is VERY interested in improving his company's reputation, and the level of service they provide. Here is the contact information for anyone interested in asking them questions regarding an order they have placed with them :

Chuck Maricle PhD

AixiZ Service and International LLC
Main (702) 991-2067
Toll Free (888) 424-9491
Northern Europe (London) 020.7993.2961
Southern Europe (Milan) 02-9942-1306
Mexico (Central America) 52 55 8525 9138

(702) 974-0713 FAX
(713) 240-4929 CELL

FDA registered OEM importer and manufacturer
Licensed Class IIIB and Class IV laser company license TX# Z02105

Federal Supplier cage code 4MF77

Member, Laser Institute of America www.laserinstitute.org
Member, International Laser Display Assocation www.laserist.org
Member, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery www.aslms.org



He is sending refunds to folks that have had that issue, IF those issues are brought to his attention !


Active member
Jun 9, 2007
Well that's good to know, but on all of his auctions I do see priority mail listed as the shipping option. As I recall when I ordered my modules, it was first class mail. I really do hope he gets all of this mess straightened out...he does have some good stuff.