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Advice Required on DAC


New member
Jan 20, 2011
Dear All,
I have Galvo with XY Control board purchased from LASERPIC.
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The board required DAC signal to be sent and I have built my own DAC using DAC chip - AN7528JN and PIC Controller. I can get DAC output results as required. I can also control the movement of the X & Y galvos from my controller based on the output that I give.

But I am confused on how to generate patterns and run it out. After a little search I learned about ILDA format and there is no clear idea for me on sending the DATA to the control boards from my PIC controller.

Can anyone please HELP me and give me some advice to send the data to the control board from my PIC controller to control the galvos and draw patterns in the standard procedure. I just need to know the format in which the data has to be sent out.


Thanks in advance.