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ACS5500BU replacement as driver for NUBM08


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Dec 17, 2020
Im looking for a laser for a cnc laser engraving project im doing and was considering the NUBM44 diode until i saw it was around 100$, so i opted for its weaker cousin the NUBM08 instead. Besides, having a built in lens means smaller form factor, and i wouldnt need something as good as a G-2 lens anyway since the laser would be very close to the material to be engraved.

Im not the biggest fan of designing my own drivers, And i determined that the ACS5500BU would be a good fit, as my power source is from a dc jack supplying 12v@3A.

However, i cant find it anywhere. I searched and searched, and only found it at a shady shop with no shipping times (taydudk.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=530334). I could buy the in stock variant ACS4500BU at DTR's own shop, however i am worried that this would drastically reduce the output power of the laser.

Are there any good replacements for this driver which wouldnt sacrifice a feature? Should i try making my own driver for this laser? Or if theres no straightfoward solution to this should i consider getting a weaker diode (as the output power wouldve been reduced either way) and finding an available driver for this one?

EDIT: just found the Super X-Drive Laser Driver, do you think this would be a good fit?
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