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450nm 1300mW Blue Laser


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Nov 4, 2020
Hello all,
I have recently acquired Eagle Pair 190-540nm goggles that are OD6, as well as a pair that are 190-540nm/800-1700nm OD5s, since my last usage of a 100mW 532nm DPSS green laser, last year. Everything checked out and I saw an optometrist for it, with no issues. Now that I have better quality goggles than those cheap ones on eBay, I was able to safely use my 532nm DPSS laser as well as a 41mW 405nm Laser Pointer.

I have bought a 450nm 1300mW laser from laserpointerstore.com and it hasn't arrived yet. I am curious about the power of a 1300mW laser and what it can do.
I wouldn't say I am a novice to laser usage or that I am reckless but this is the first Class IVb laser I have owned.
Is there anything I need to be aware of or observant of before it gets here, other than the obvious of not aiming at yourself, not using it without goggles, not overusing it beyond the duty cycle, not pointing it in the sky? How likely is it that this can accidently burn something?

Also, I am curious. When I try to focus my two current Laser 303 style lasers, the beam gets extremely wide like a flashlight and nothing happens. Is that supposed to happen?