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3W Thor M2 450nm Needs a much better lenz. Any advice or info on how to?

Mar 17, 2018
I'm more or less a noob. Good bit of experience and knowledge in electronics, repair and the theory. I bought a 3W Thor M2 450nm laser from LPS a couple months ago. They say it's supposed to have a glass lenz and maybe it is glass, Idk yet. Whatever it is though, I can say SOMETHING is a piece of crap. I suspect it's the lenz, atleast I'm hoping that it is, I think, so I can get a better one. It has a horrible, broad, rectangle beam that does not focus down to what I'd consider a small point or kinda small. Especially at any distance. I'm not certain what I should expect but I've seen tighter, lower powered and cheaper blue lasers before. Would anybody kindly point me toward or offer up good advice/info on how to upgrade the lenz and host? Am I missing anything? Do you think I'm heading down the right track?

Thanks in advance

Sep 20, 2013
All those diodes are multi-mode diodes and have a large emitter face. When you collimate the laser, you are going to get a beam like the emitter face. So, even though some lower power lasers may have tighter beams, depending on the laser diode you have in this laser, it may not be possible to get a tight beam in the far field. I have a Thor H 1.6 watt from LPS and it uses a glass three element lens. There are some beam correction optics that might clean it up a bit, but they are not for someone who is not already familiar with them.

BTW, you should make a welcome post and introduce yourself to the forums. You will likely get more help that way.