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"30mw" for testing/review


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May 4, 2007
Hi all,

I just bought a few no-name 30's, and after some talking with a friend, I decided to do some research on green pointers. My buddy and I are both amateur astronomers, using the greens for, well, astronomy ;) He was impressed with my 30, and started the Fleabay hunt. After he started telling me about >300mW units for <$100 (which I *immediately* started yelling SCAM about), the research began.

Anyway, with that out of the way...after reading through so much here on this forums, I'm curious about the actual specs on my 30's. I see that several of the mods have the equipment to do 'real' testing, so I wonder if any of them would be interested in doing a full review on one (or more) of mine?

Disclaimer: I'm in *no* way affiliated with the maker, designer, etc of these (I'm not even sure who 'actually' makes them). I have some ideas on physical design which I've shared with the seller, who specced these to the maker, but sharing my opinion with him on that is as close as my affiliation comes.

So, anyway, let me know. I'm really curious about these, as they are my first >5mW pointers of any kind, and I'm *really* impressed with them (>5mW greens in general, that is...too frakking cool!).

BTW - I also own a brand new (received May 1 07) Wicked Phoenix. I have to say that the visual difference of the WL 75mW compared to the 30mW was *not* as impressive as I imagined it would be. Definitely not worth the price difference, IMO (I paid $99 for the 30's, though they are now $129 from the seller).