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3.5mm / Tailcap bypass remote switch


New member
Apr 27, 2023
So I'm kinda new to the laser hobby. I have purchased a few JetLasers PL/E series, and Sanwu Striker series. I have mounted them on remote pan/tilt heads and am looking for a way to fire them remotely. The PL/E's have a 3.5mm input that I thought was for this purpose, but as soon as the cable is plugged in to any device the Laser fires continuosly (regardless of any buttons pressed) and only turns of after either the cable is removed or the power supply is turned off. I have been fiddling around and have made a remote activated switch by using a 12v remote relay and two 9v batteries. Im hesitent to plug it in as-is without knowing how the current running through the cable might affect the laser, even after adjusting voltage properly there HAS to be an alternative out there. As for the Sanwu, which seem to only come with the power supply tailcap switch, I've been considering bypassing the connection between the batteries with a remote switch (as I have no clue how the tailcap driver works) Does anybody out there have any Ideas or solutions?

P.S. between the Jetlaser 10x Expander vs sanwu 3x, does one seem to have better quality than the other? I mean 10x is a plus but does the 3x have any higher quality?

PL/E Pro 445 nM 5W
PL/E Mini 532 nM 600mW
Striker 405 nM 1.6W
Striker 445 nM 7.5