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1W green diodes soon?


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Aug 10, 2007
You beat me to it.

I was going to post how Rohm was working on it...

<Technical ripple effect>
ROHM is presently manufacturing a laser diode in a blue region (460 nm) on a trial basis. By the end of this year, ROHM will aim at the development of a 532-nm green laser diode. So far, the longest wavelength of GaN-based laser diode is 470 nm with the conventional technology applied. If red, green, and blue laser light sources are applied, large-screen, high-definition display with a color range 1.5 to 1.7 times as high as the conventional NTSC is possible. If the green laser diode is manufactured, subminiature projectors will be available and expected to be included in mobile phones. In future, ROHM will further develop optical devices by using the novel material, non-polar m-plane Gallium Nitride.
But the really big deal is that if Rohm can produce stable and robust direct-inject greens, they'll have made direct inject true-blues too!

You could have a daylight bright video projector that's about the size of a cigarette pack. The biggest problem would honestly be the power consumption of the red diode, (and eye safety) as it would have to be several times the mW to keep up with the eye's color response curve so it wasn't washed out by the green and the blue.