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"100mW" 532nm from DinoDirect (with diffraction gradient lens)


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May 5, 2011
This laser took about a month to arrive and cost about 26$. In my opinion, it was worth it. I'm not writing this review to benefit in any way, and it is unbiased. I will add pictures if requested. It's worth clicking the link just to see the pic they added aiming the laser at a football player's head, (wtf, added below lol).

It came with a "kaleidoscopic" lens (the one with merging dots) which is hard to turn (no o-ring like another set I got). This was fixed with a small bit of rem oil.

Compared to the group buy "85mW" waterproof, supposedly testing above 100mW average... I can't tell the difference in brightness. Both start smoking and drilling electrical tape in about 1 second, cutting through about the same time. So, surprisingly, it is conceivable that it is around its advertised power. The beam is very sharp and solid with low divergence.

I could see many individual beams with the lens on after the candle burned a while. (my favorite way to enjoy beams), the beam is quite solid, like a physical object. When aiming at skin, it becomes quite hot after 2 or 3 seconds. The IR content may be high but similar to my other 2 higher powered greens (100mW waterproof and an 80mW), which I got an idea of by shining the beam through my EaglePair and looking at my digital camera screen to see the invisible portion, which was very bright and diffuse (possibly scattered by the glasses).

The battery life is noticeably less than other green pointers I've had. I probably got 10 minutes of use from the batteries it came with (for that price though I was happy to get them), and maybe 15 minutes with Energizer, +/- 5mins on each of those times, since it is a rough estimate.

I don't have anything exact to say other than my opinion and estimates, but it was a good buy. Maybe I'll supplement my weak review with some pics. I use the diffraction lenses I got on one of those 6 in 1 ebay greens, which are compatible and it can put on quite a show. I can project on trees and objects very far away.

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