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    Laser to detect plastic/alloy materials

    You can use x-ray (is there a laser for that?) to determine materials probably in a Raman-style way and looking at fluorescence. It requires a (close to) dark room. For example, the scanner Cody's Lab uses: https://youtu.be/a_EdGQyHTxU?t=56s There's no way to do that 'at a distance', let alone...
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    A mix of photos

    I really like videotogif_2018.08.12_00.44.59 , it's almost a portal to another world
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    "The issue with green laser pointers"

    He addresses all those things. Either in the video or the comments. In one comment he talks about window panes that reflect 100% IR as a power saving feature. I then added to that with that most green-blocking goggles pass IR
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    "The issue with green laser pointers"

    Anyone know Brainiac75? I did't know this youtuber was that deep into lasers. He made a good video explaining why cheap green DPSS lasers all emit harmful IR light and does several tests.
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    Where are my Quick Reply messages?

    Where can I see messages I sent with 'Quick Reply'? I know when you press the Reply button there's a checkbox to save the message to the sent Items box or not, but with quick reply there's no such option. So I can only assume they get stored because there's not the option to not store it. 1. So...
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    Budget, tested laser safety goggles. OD 5+

    The spreadsheet is broken. I found a working version in the history but I can't restore for some reason. I conveniently could however rename it to "Last working version".
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    I still swear by 505nm. If you look at the CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram you see 505 on the far left, meaning it has the least amount of red cone stimulation. Go lower in wavelength and you add tiny amounts of red again.
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    Live stream, Jan 31, 2000 CET: How I came to build a 4 meter spark Tesla coil

    Link in case my suspicion of an incorrectly embedded video turns out to be true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWq4n2XAYUA
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Link still doesn't work, and url looks like a session key
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    FS: Sharps "505nm" diodes from various batches. (All wl measured)

    Since the spectrometer before recalibration was reading ~1nm too high, I have to correct my finding to 508nm.
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    I forgot about the angle dependency. I feel like such an amateur now. I repeated the measurement this time in an integrating sphere and sure enough my 532 DPSS now measures 532.6nm. Would that be within the tolerance of a DPSS?
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Back from holidays and at work the Ocean Optics JAZ has returned reconfigured and re-calibrated. I immediately put a 532 DPSS in it and it measures 533.5nm. Any thoughts?
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    FS: X-Drive V6 3A Buck Driver "Sale and Info"

    Please edit your post and remove your email. You're soliciting spam companies and are not even trying to obfuscate it. Besides receiving a PM will also drop you an email (if it's the same account and if you didn't disable that feature)
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    I've been a fool. I have a hypothesis. I might be totally off though. But I want to see how this story unfolds before revealing it. To proof that my hypothesis won't be affected by future posts, I've encrypted it and will reveal the key later...
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    ZRaffleticket, are you at just lasing threshold? Those lines look like what I see through my spectroscope with a 505nm diode. Your images are also quite noisy. With increasing current it starts like a smear (LED mode or what you'd see with COD). When threshold it hit, it starts lasing at the...