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    New 10mw Blu ray laser 110$ shipped

    I am mildly amused. Perhaps you should RAISE your asking price  :D I don't see any basis for suspecting anything is amiss. ooh -8 rep
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    I just want to put it out on the table since emailing him returns me this rather curt reply. "Please see the GB thread on the forum." Which is neither particularly helpful nor reassuring. So do you want us to post here or email you with our refund or driver preferences? I want a specific...
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    Me too ^ Transaction ID #0UN36727DJ7421059 $9.50
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    Lavadrive2 driver kits (CLOSED)

    Re: Lavadrive2 driver kits for Kenbarrels and more Nice. I'd jump on this if I could solder this up well enough. Or you could offer an assembled version for a small fee. These drivers are supposed to be the new option on the Kryton V2 right?
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    DONE *** Feb. 9, 2008  NEW BluRay GB... *** D

    Re: DONE *** Feb. 9, 2008  NEW BluRay GB... * another pic
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    Re: WTB: Portable Green Laser 100mW+

    Re: WTB: Portable Green Laser 100mW+ I have an Alpha unit left if you are interested :)
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    Micro-Drive laser driver by rkcstr

    Re: Micro-Drive laser driver – fits Aixiz module Hooked this one up to a BR and fit it into an Aixiz module at that. Excellent. Only thing is you need a smaller solder iron as if your tip is too big it is not possible to solder the diode to the contact points without melting the chip close to...
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    LNIB CNI 150 532nm pen (no longer availible)

    Re: LNIB CNI >150 532nm pen with extras lt also means there is absolutely no insurance worth a shit if it arrives broken or damaged. Just mark it as gift with the correct cost and it shouldn't incur any customs fees.
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    Plug N' Play DDL drivers RUN 2!!

    Glad you changed shipping. $6 shipping for run1 was icky.
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    Plug N' Play DDL drivers RUN 2!!

    Erm pardon my ignorance but when is Run1 shipping out?? And do we get the new reduced shipping price if you haven't shipped yet ;) Darn should have been in run 2 instead. Ah i just checked. shipped today it seems.
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    wtb/t for 2 green lasers

    I think he meant bank account. Does DX ban customers?!? the strange thing is if you dont hve a bank acct how are you gonna pay ppl?
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    Buying Blu-Ray PS3 Diode *No Scamming*

    No. Try to get in on the next group buy. They go at $25 apiece unharvested + shipping
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    Micro-Drive laser driver by rkcstr

    Re: Micro-Drive laser driver – fits Aixiz module I think those need TEC to keep it at that power unless the diodes have become much much better.
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    WTB Sanyo Eneloop AAA Batteries!

    batterybob.com usually have free shipping and you can even use the cpf discount code. "sheep" i think
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    S> (2) Pulsar laser 125 mw + accepting paypal

    Yes you have to pay before getting the item. It never works the other way round. As a seller I expect payment first as well. It sucks more to lose an item and not receive payment than to lose money and not get an item. Also payment is usually easier to reclaim back than items. Next time I am not...