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    BFG vs. Firework! plus take 2

    Re: BFG vs. Firework! When me and my family drive up to Michigan every month or so, we pass the worlds largest fireworks store, in Indiana. It's like a Wal-Mart that only sells fireworks.
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    DX Lasers - Is the truth out there?

    If you're concerned about a 200mw being able to light a match unaided, STOP. My DX 20mw lights matches with a lens and under the right conditions. I like their lasers, oh yea and my 50mw order status just changed to shipped.
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    Large Butane Iron-Melting Torch! *VIDEO ADDED*

    Re: Large Butane Iron-Melting Torch! I'd love to see this thing in action. And it would be smarter to have the laser be an IR laser so you wouldn't know where it came from.
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    New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA

    Re: New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WIT That Tritium idea is really cool, I'd for sure want that.
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    IR filter from a CD?!

    I have no way of testing it but anyone can pick these things up at a Walmart or Target or any store like that for pocket change. Maybe someone why has the means of testing it could do that. Also, the black colored CD also does the same thing.
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    IR filter from a CD?!

    I was playing around with some Memorex "Cool Colors" CD-R CD's (the red one is the one that gives this effect) with my green laser and I discovered that the part of the CD that touches the inside circle, as pictured below kinda works as an IR filter. That, or it just really, REALLY dims the...
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    Laser that vaporises with no heat

    Engadget was the first place I saw it, I love checking that site.
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    Perfect Case for the BFG

    I use telescoping shipping tubes to carry my laser, it fits nearly any length and any width laser, excluding the Hercules type. They're light weight, durable, and cheap, $1.00 each. https://www.gopens.com/Parts/Tubes.htm Heres some pics (click to enlarge):
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    Laser that vaporises with no heat

    I highly doubt that, if it costs $20,000 a month, and can vaporize ANYTHING, the government would want to make these as publicly available as nukes.
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    Laser that vaporises with no heat

    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2007/06/18/BUGGGQGBSS1.DTL That is insane. I'd love to own something like that, it reminds me of cheesy sci-fi movie weapons.
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    New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA

    Re: New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WIT I got back here from the link above the forums next to your login name and messages. That should also bring more people.
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    New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA

    Re: New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WIT Ticket purchased!
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    120mw 650nm red laser pointer for just £5 !!!

    Yay, 1/7 with still one more day. Senkat, the luck war is on!!!!! >:(
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    Skin Burn

    That also works for removing freckles and other birth marks on your body, just gotta deal with the pain though. I did it a spots on my arm and now they're gone, small scar though, wil probably disappear in a week or two.
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    Nice RGB Scanner *Video

    Can someone post a link of where to purchase that scanner or a similar one?