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    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

    Bought from Trinh, it's good quality and honestly he makes beautiful hosts. You can trust him. As GSS say, lurk around more and see for yourself. You can see review of his laser in the sales trades forum.
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    Experience with Trinh Hong Phuoc (Positive feedback)

    Hi guys, just received my order from Trinh, I think it's good to give some feedback. Order : it was easy, even if there is obviously a barrier language, Trinh answers every question quickly and can details you what you will have. I asked for an existing model and Trinh stated that he would do...
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    + Laser Art Pics +

    Wow so nice ! 3d rendering or photoshop are still many parsec behind you ! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing :)
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    My new TI-V2 host with Tritium

    The three of them all look so nice! keep those design , they're really cool!
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    Some My host!!!!!!!!

    Wow Nice work again, I like to see taht you still bother having a side button, I imagine it's a pain to make one on smaller host though.
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    Dragon Lasers doesn't sell handhelds anymore?

    Might be related : I ordered a Viper 55mW in sept 2019. At that time, Adam from DL confirmed they already stopped to sell any 80mW,100mW or 125mW Viper And that all the viper series will be soon discontinued. "Have fun with it. Viper lasers are going to be out of market soon. " I guess it was...
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    589 nm Cu-Ni & Ti Host

    Excellent job and idea, goes to both you and Trinh. Bravo! I'd love to see more available 589nm modules for sale.
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    Some version laser and host i will selling

    Hi Trinh, Sending you a pm right now :)
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    Styro's New 1,000,000 W Laser

    Great video Styro ! That's some scary power in there, stay safe, I can't help but be scared of all the power you have at home.
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    520nm 220mw pen build

    Hi Miya, Cool stuff here, can we have information about the host itself please? A place to buy it? Thanks.
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    Issue with a new DL viper 55mW (solved)

    Just want to update and say that the viper 55mW has been stable since the quick overpower. Some part, either the driver itself or the doubler, took benefit of this stronger tension. I have been using 1.2V 1000 mAh since then. Also, Adam from DL has been responsive to my emails, as I had to RMA...
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    RGB hand held 400mw at O-like 269.00

    Definitely just a random picture, had this one on my hdd years ago and used it as a wallpaper. Way not enough info about this one, I would not trust olike until several reviews come out. From the description I would say it has seven preset, but you cannot mix between them, it's just 001 011 111...
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    So mad i could punch a baby

    Condoleances... and take it easy for your next attempt!
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    Some my laser and host

    2,3 and 6 are really nice ! good job :)
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    Issue with a new DL viper 55mW (solved)

    Ah, thanks yeah I know about the DPSS mechanism :) Just didn't know it was called a doubler, make sense now and should have guessed.