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    Cheap Dorcy Mini - eBay

    CR123 Dorcy mini - at the moment it's going for ~$11 inc. shipping. 13hrs left http://cgi.ebay.com/Dorcy-Super-1-Watt-LED-Flashlight-NEW_W0QQitemZ200174166151QQihZ010QQcategoryZ106987QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Woulda bought it myself but only ships to US!!
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    Sony LD -- Line through projected spot

    Same here!! Also a couple of mine developed a slight halo. But all work fine.
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    DX Black Tipped Matches - 10 boxes 3$ shipped

    I got mine last week but the tips are not really black... they're more like a light brown/red. :o :o They don't really light any easier than red ones.
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    Igniting Coke!!!!

    I just stumbled across this... http://www.metacafe.com/watch/851598/amazing_how_to_ignite_coke/ Friggin awesome!! :o :o :o :o I must try it :)
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    9V or PSU still the same behavior. I have been pushing this diode a little now and it has turned into a freak ;) ;) I pushed it to 95mA - it worked and is still working. At that power I could see the beam in the dark with no fog or anything. I am now running it with LM317 + 22ohm = 56mA's and it...
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    I guarantee you it is still lasing...but the lasing threshold has been raised. Like i said it's strange but I guess i'll have to see how long it lasts. I've been running it at 55mA now for two days and it seems fine.
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    Something funny has happened to my second diode. It was working normally using a bench supply and LM317 circuit and lasing at about 28-30mA - i was driving it at 40mA with short duty cycles. I then connected it to a 9V plus LM317 circuit and now it only lases above 38mA and the dot can not be...
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    GB for AMC7135 driver

    Hey Zarni, Just paid for 3 :) Any idea on time to Aus :o :o? Cheers
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    I just had the same scare with my second diode. But with a bench supply it's ok. :o :o :o I just saw some awesome effects with this thing...try this guys - take the collimating lens off and shine the light at your teeth and check it out in the mirror. Then shine it towards but not directly in...
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    :( :( I fried my first BR diode... I was testing it on a breadboard with the LM317 circuit @ 12V input when the Vin wire came loose and touched the flat pad on the IC for just a split second and then.. poof!! It stopped lasing. When I tried it again there was no more light output at all...
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    ** BluRay Diode GB **

    I finally made my BR laser :) :) It's freakin trippy :o . My eyes almost feel like they are crosseyed when i look at the dot on a white wall. And you guys are right - it can be focused to a pinpoint. It's hard to explain but the colour and the focused dot plays tricks on my eyes. It's soooo...
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    DIY Laser Torch

    :) :) I finally finished making one of these and works pretty well. It burns un-sharpied red matches, pops balloons, engraves black plastic, etc. I used a smaller surface mount TI LM317 TO-252 package (which is good to 500mA). I used a 5 ohm resistor (10ohm || 10ohm) which should give me 250mA...
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    GB for AMC7135 driver

    Hey Zarniwoop... If you can ship to Australia...Put me down for 3 please. Cheers
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    :) :) I finally received my DX 30mW Greenie and boy was I suprised. I only had a few minutes to play with it before work today but so far I'm quite impressed. It's very bright only running off the included batteries and fairly well collimated. The beam is very visible in mid-lit conditions. All...
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    Modifying my green laser

    U can't do it