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    High efficiency high output linear driver - will it work?

    it should depending on the battery's used. i would probably use LiPo battery instead of LiIon for drawing this much current. if you are planning on using this for a laser driver, it should be mentioned that it is a constant voltage regulator not constant current. From the datasheet it should...
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    galvo position sensor??

    sure is good to know that smart asses are still around on the internet. (badger) i figured it out after i made the post. it just didnt click with me how a rotating plate pressed against another was capacative. makes a little more sense now. i just dont imagine it to be precise. i just didnt...
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    FEELER for possible GB on nice but affordable scansets

    is this GB going on or is there another for a decent set for a decent price
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    galvo position sensor??

    im building my own galvo's for a scanner(based on Chan's design) the build is going smooth so far. the question i have is... what is he using for position detection of the galvo. i see no IR detector/emitter or optical encoder. what would be a fairly simple position detection that i could...
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    Programmable Laser Text Projector

    where is the link. $70 for galvo and amp are you sure they are not stepper motors
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    Labby Driver Options? Please Help :D

    if you didnt figure it out, you can use a LM338 in place of the LM317 and it's good up to 5A. if you are gonna run it at 5A you damn well better have a good heatsink on it. it is wired the same for constant current as the LM317 so the schematic listed earlier will work great you can also get a...
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    measure forward voltage...

    does anyone know how to find the Vf of a diode that is unknown. i have an IR diode from the LPC sled that im using as an IR illuminator for a B/W camera. im regulating current with a lm317. i know that i need to comp. for the voltage across the LM317 (~3.0V) but i dont want to feed it more...
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    Peltier (TEC) from C@$!0 XJ-A1*0 projector

    ive got tons of 317's and a couple of lm338 to drive it ~5A but to drive it efficiently, im trying to find the Vf for the TEC so all the extra voltage going into the regulator wont be converted into alot of heat.
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    Peltier (TEC) from C@$!0 XJ-A1*0 projector

    2A at what Voltage? 5? 12?
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    Peltier (TEC) from C@$!0 XJ-A1*0 projector

    trying to start a new project and am having trouble finding info on the TEC used in the projector. searched and have seen people use them at 5V@12.5W (or 2.5A) but i dont know if this was accurate (title was "semi-ghetto peltier-cooled handheld lab device" ??? :whistle: anyone happen to...
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    Member Map

    add me. zip=36301 title=wonhunglow also ndrew2505 lives in dothan al also. not mississippi
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    question about battery charger in host...

    I've got some Max 1811 single cell charger ICs that I've used for a while and have thought about integrating one into a single cell host. The only part I'm unsure of is how to use it in circuit. What happens when u start charging the battery. Is there a type of switch or diode needed. I know...
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    XJ-A130 LED Question

    we get our 445nm diodes from these and our phatlight red led. that supplies the red and blue. what supplies the green to make the full color spectrum...:wtf:
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    Issue with WonHungLow

    well i did my part just as i said i would. sorry for taking up wasted space on the forum.. PEACE!!! :horse:
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    Issue with WonHungLow

    still waiting ..... no response. he must have figured out his mistake.