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    Blue Katana, a 70 watt handheld project!

    thanks for bumping this bud, very informative thread so far.
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    Mystery laser

    who doesnt love a mystery? welcome to the forum and do you think you could post some pictures or the mysterious device?
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    I forget which type of pcb he was looking at but it was a specific material most efficiently dealt with by use of UV.
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome aboard! Lots of info to be had here. Enjoy it! I like i here alot because everyone gets along as friends and for the most part things are pretty informal and relaxed. see you around! Tschüss, Hanz
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    hey no sweat bro
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    The Prodigal User Returns

    Yeah lots of catching up to do! Anthony No thats not from cowboy bebop, but close, it is a traveling, gunslinging preacher from a show called Trigun. 7 years is about right, i got married and about 6 years ago got a son out of the deal. Then bought a house! Havent had much time for anything...
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    Check out local welding and gas supply shops for exotic gasses lots of times you can find liquid nitrogen at those places. Thanks for the tips guys, i dont know if that will be a viable option for sustainted pcb cutting sessions but i will pass the info along.
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    The Prodigal User Returns

    Hey guys. I am back after extended hiatus. I don't have a lot of posts or a lot of lasers, but i do have a 500mw red and a 1200mw blue i got from survival when they were still selling complete units to the USA. they are still running great too! since then i have picked up a couple of cheap...
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    Any company sell UV lasers?

    i have a good friend looking for a UV laser for etching PCBs. this is going to break his little heart.
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    I want to be able to see "invisible" wavelengths too.

    hmm maybe just do one eye and use a ir blocking patch until you need to scan something. on second thought I'll do like laserbee and use the camera. but seriously very cool. when you can turn it on and off at will sign me up.
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    Guide Rod Lasers- firearms

    oh dang, necroed this thread. but hope it helps anyway OP. ;)
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    Guide Rod Lasers- firearms

    are you building this for a 92 like in the pic? if not, the model of pistol would help a bit. for .40 or 9mm or anything with snappy quick recoil like that i think you are going to have a hard time making it stand up to more than a few shots. a heavier pistol with a smoother recoil like a...
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    Build or Buy?

    personally i would put a switch between the power leads and the module. this offers more control, and though a laser in that range isn't going to get hot fast, i started observing strict duty cycles and safety protocol on my first green laser, before i moved up to the higher power ones. also...
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    the lowest power laser can kill the Mosquito

    Re: the lowest power laser can kill the Mosquito pick up a can of circuit chiller. Will flash freeze the offending hornet and not leave any residue on your electronics.