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    FS: "Mosquito" Version 2 - All In One 1.2W+ 445nm Modules - 1667 mA

    Thx, its not so much the fact that im a mobile user, its just that my phone in particular is retarded slow. It gets stuck every few seconds, forcing me to press the top button twice, off, on, then HOPE i'm able to get the slider moving, and carry on for a few seconds .... Ill post some pics...
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    FS: "Mosquito" Version 2 - All In One 1.2W+ 445nm Modules - 1667 mA

    So did u send mine or not ? as i dont know if i am one of those 2..
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    Member Map

    Beerzel - Belgium First one on the map in Belgium !!
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    WTB:Glenn's Blu-Blocker Goggles

    yep, i have a pair, not selling sorry. They are not SUPER, but they defenantly get the job done. the strongest 405 i have been using them with is a cr@ppy 405 dilda that does about 100mw i think. As i said, they are not super, but its enough to have some safe fun.. EDIT: does your laser...
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    FS: "Mosquito" Version 2 - All In One 1.2W+ 445nm Modules - 1667 mA

    PP SENT, via the link for loose head (Unique Transaction ID #9742xXxXxXxXxXF) Thx in advance.
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    FS: Perfect First DIY Laser Kit (Has Everything)

    Just figured i would update this: 1 of the batteries was DOA The hotlight battery holder is non-functional (ill fix this myself, not really a problem) The platsic around the driver was ripped, asif it had been scraping against something, hard, but it was functional.. The charger has a...
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    650mW Awesome tiny Silver 445nm Laser $100!!!!

    Re: 500mW or 1W 5-mode Awesome tiny Silver 445nm Laser yob, do u mind telling me what driver u are using in these build? U dont have to if u dont want to ofcourse :shhh: edit: do u have a beam/dot shot of the $100 one I might want it, but would like to see first
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    FS: "Mosquito" Version 2 - All In One 1.2W+ 445nm Modules - 1667 mA

    Could u make me a loose head, case negative one, to use in my hotlight.. Im thinking all your loose head ones are case neg, but figured id ask to make sure. Say the word and ill send payment
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    green laser to the eye

    thats makes it even weirder doesnt it, who accidentally shines a laser in HIS OWN EYES..? anyways, another good example of WHY U SHOULD WEAR GOGGLES, also, the buddy should have SERIOUSLY warned him. Whenever a buddy of mine want to TOUCH any of my lasers, i explain to them that it WILL BLIND...
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    green laser to the eye

    So did HE kill your eye? or did U? Who was holding it, also, how does anyone even accidently point it in anyone's eye ...? accidently ....
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    Cheap 100 and 150 MilliwattGreens @ Tmart

    if u order from tmart, u will recieve either underspec items, or broken items, dont waste your money on them..
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    FS: "Mosquito" Version 2 - All In One 1.2W+ 445nm Modules - 1667 mA

    any idea what the duty cycle would be ? at standard setting ? and at the lower setting. i really wouldnt want to fry one fo these, just to figure out its duty cycle in the hotloght host...
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    Laser Wiring kit

    yea thats what i figured, i'll just wait for a word form Flaminpyro
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    Laser Wiring kit

    $14 ?? Could u not ship this in one of those fat envelopes :) I know, i have been checing hes stuff out, but what im really after, is some diodes and aixiz modules (had some ordered from stonetek, but that might take a looong while) .., and Flamin doesnt seem to have any .., he has alot of...
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    Laser Wiring kit

    Im sorry, its early and im tired, i thought it said, $1.50 shipped How much would shipping be to Belgium?