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    Krypton Argon Ion Laser

    I had one of the 643 KrAr lasers for a few years and I would put ahigh reflector from a whitelight in front of the OC and get a ton of blue lines. I currently have a Laser physics 300 WC that does a nice R G B that's built into a projector. The colors you can get with a PCAOM and running...
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    LaserPhysics Reliant 300WC help

    did you ever get your 300WC fixed?
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    LaserPhysics Reliant 300WC help

    Hey. I had a 300 WC for a couple years. It had some pressure problems. I measured the wavelengths affected with an Ocean optics spectrometer. I loosely documented how adjusting the current level changed the lines that were lasing. Hope it has some value for yah...
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    ILT Argon laser for sale.

    Hello. I am finally heading out of the lasershow biz and will be selling all my gear. The first item is an ILT 5500 doing 600 milliwatts. 7 lines. I can only ship to continental US addresses only. Shipping costs are the buyers responsability. Thanks. -Nate.
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    Brand New Custom Melles Griot/Omni-56 dual-line HeCd [Pic Heavy]

    Nice, very nice He-Cd. Ive got two older Liconix taht are pretty much, dead. =/ They both ionize but dont lase, the He pressures gone waay to high.
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    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    One night at the Plane-arium... I brought my Purelight star up to the Planetarium one night to give it some burn time since it had not been run in a year. Took her top off & ran it full out at 40 + amps for a few hours. Got the excess gas buried and the pressure and voltage back in the sweet...
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    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    *Yay* for huge giant gas power hogs! =)
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    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    Hey, UltimateKaiser, I just ran my Melles-Griot 643 this past week. Its gone a little blue from the lack of running for a year, but it came back into balance after about an hours burn. The arc struck down the return bore initially and I immediatly shut it off then on the second try it struck...
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    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    Here is a pic of the head..... =)
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    Rest in peace Charles Townes

    The father of the laser passed away earlier today in Berkeley, California. He was 99. Light a laser for a few minutes in memory him.
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    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    I bought a fairly average Coherent Innova 70 argon system thats been repumped into a mixed gas Ar/Kr. Supposedly it does 2.5 watts and works. I will have to wait to find out tho. Still, another whitelight ion laser. =) . Cant beat that with a bat.
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    Spectra Physics-107 fine alignment help?

    There is no *cathode* to "sag"in a 107 / 127. the cathode is an aluminum cylinder. I own four and replaced the tube on one. Alignment is a bear if you lose lasing. the central tube supports are real fun to align as well. there is a youtube video from cambridge lasers on how to align a 107 tube...
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    Laser Physics Reliant teardown

    DJZ, thank you for posting pics. I used the images to help me get an idea of what my reliant 1000M was supposed to look like. I bought one recently, not working and after much cleaning,and re soldering, I powered it up and it runs.
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    Got a new ion laser

    hey, I have a few new vids of my lasers on Yooutube. I also managed to buy a reliant 1000M for a couple hundred that needed repair. I repaired it and it works like new, very high power, maybe close to a watt. I havnt measured the output power yet tho. I like these two, side by side. =)
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    Want to buy some gallium metal

    Sergi- Thanks for the awesome tip on the car wax. I tried it last week. I have a pound and a half of Gallium. Works like a charm! Fun stuff to mess with,but a pain to store since it wants to stick to everything.