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    I need yellow laser goggles! 589nm

    Wow, When I read this post it looks horrible. Anyways I was diagnosed with Aspergers & PDD-NOS and no ADHD. My blu-ray 100mW's lens on the diode is cracked, The laser I got from lazerer. So sad :( It happened a couple days after I bought it and I didn't even drop it :\ Lasers are too fragile ha...
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    my first build

    Hmmm me like! Was it your birthday recently? I see a nice balloon ready to meet 300mW of coherent photon power :P Nice build! Although I wonder what the laser looks like aside from it's beam? On a note, Thanks for the rep! Apparently the 20 soda's a day was making me a little CrAzY? :-) EDIT...
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    I need yellow laser goggles! 589nm

    I hate when people bring up my bouncy brain :P I feel silly and stupid enough now that I've looked at all these weird threads I opened. I want someone to delete all my threads/posts but this one haha. Anyways for a while I've been thinking of what to put the yellow laser in. I've got a power...
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    Survival Lasers Eagle Pair 200-540nm+900-1700nm Review WITH VIDEO!

    Hello I've got the same survivallaser goggles but with my 405nm 100mW it is still very bright, All I can see is orange though, No bluray light. But still it hurts my eyes and gives me what you get when you look at the sun... Seriously I'm worried about my eyes, I don't think these are protecting...
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    FS: dichros

    Alright thanks guys, I will buy some parts for it maybe the dichro tomorrow night. Oh and I took my DX 5mW 405nm 17$ ver apart and now it won't work, Help pls :(
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    WL giving away free Kryptons to underage kids

    Ok, BTW What is the ratio of a white rgv(V for violet) laser? Do you think I could turn down a 1mw green, 1mw red & 1mw violet to get low power white?
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    FS: dichros

    Here's my crappy diagram explaining what I wanna do to make sure it works...
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    Overspec "<5mW" Sexy "Viper" Host! [Pic Heavy]

    NICE :D I am gonna buy one of these after my yellow build!
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    FS: dichros

    Hmmm, So I could setup a red and a green to be reflected to make yellow and a violet to pass to make white?
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    WL giving away free Kryptons to underage kids

    LOL What did I just expose my poor eyes to? Why am I not blind?
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    WL giving away free Kryptons to underage kids

    Ummm... I just turned 13... I've had 5mW lasers and pot modded them since I was nine... Now I just wanna learn and play with my lazerer 100mW violet... Am I bad, Is this bad? Me a 13yr with a 100mW 405nm laser? And yes I have some good survivallaser goggles for 532nm and 405nm, No resemblance of...
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    EXTREME focusable 370mW yellow beast

    I'm thinking about building the rog811 yellow laser pointer - it can be done... My father has been on vecation and my 30mW green stars light special effects laser & the 100mW should be here tomorrow... Because he comes back tomorrow... Can't wait!!! But I really don't want to spend a bunch of...
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    445nm laser in a watch !

    Could I ressurect this thread? I would like to know how I could generate 7v in a watch... maybe with a really good capacitor and a little hole for you to insert the prongs of a battery pack to recharge the capacitor until it gets low on capacitence again??
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    Important Threads

    Re: ***Threads of Interest*** Don't post on a super old thread D: D: D: D: D: oh well I think educating people is a more than good enough reason, Why would you be browsing this thread anyways? Because you want to learn this stuff and contribute... Hoping nobody makes a big thread about why its...
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    My Makeshift 250mW RG Yellow Laser Build

    Ok but I have no smoke machine or smoke what do I do?