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    Finally back!

    After at least 2 weeks of intense technical difficulties, I am back online, and here again. I missed you all, and I am overjoyed to be back. It looks like I missed a lot in the last little while, so I look forward to the new reading. *Commences playing "The Boys Are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy*
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    *wipes shoes on door mat*

    Enjoy your stay, there is much to learn! Have fun, and wear goggles!
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    Which mw green laser can burn?  the ones from

    Re: Which mw green laser can burn?  the ones Why are you planning on buying from Wicked if I might ask? Personally I feel that there are better deals elsewhere, I guess I just am wondering what has affected your decision?
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    Really nice pictures with my Nova X105

    Here you go: By the way, the last one was the beam reflecting off of my barbeque onto a tree. Happy shooting ;D
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    Digital Cam How To: Capture Laserbeams like a PRO

    Re: Digital Cam How To: Capture Laserbeams like a I just used the "fireworks" option and It gave me at least a 2 second exposure time, perfect for capturing elusive fireworks lasers. It worked brilliantly. Check out some of the pictures that I am posting in this section to see what it can do...
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    Warn! cheapest green laser pointer

    I just read this FAQ on the ILDA site: "Q: How do I know if a company is a current, valid Member of ILDA? A: The best way is by checking our online Membership Directory..." I just looked under the membership page of the ILDA website, and I didn't see "WARN Lasers" on the list. This list...
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    I got my x105 a few days ago and have been using it non-stop. I don't have goggles yet, but I will definitely be laying off on the usage until I get some. I have read the warnings, but reading about an actual encounter might have driven this point home. Bryan
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    Nova X105

    the link is fine if you remove the spaces in between the laser003 .jpg and the http ://i210 i can't post links yet EDIT: I just learned that the limit was changed
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    Nova X105

    Here's a quick webcam-picture of the case, laser, and some other items. I couldn't find a tape measure, but I hope this will do. Bryan http ://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb110/Bryanstoofly/laser003 .jpg
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    Even harder Question Nova X105 Versus X125

    I just got my x105 and according to the box it has 124mW peak output and 113mW average output. I don't know if I could sway you away from the x125, or if I would want to, but in my opinion the x105 is amazing, and I don't think the extra 20mW is worth 100 bucks (don't get me wrong, I would love...
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    my x105

    I am writing this as the proud new owner of a NOVA x105. My preliminary observations look excellent, and I am amazed at the beam. I can't wait for it to get dark so that I can really check it out. This looks like it was a great investment, and I am glad I had everyone here to help me out with...
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    Wicked site down?

    nvm, it's back up
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    Wicked site down?

    I cant get to the Wickedlasers.com website or lasercommunity.com is it just me, or are they down? Bryan
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    200mW laser show, twin scanner

    Sweet pictures, some of those could make some amazing desktop wallpapers. Is there any way I can get some more info on the scanner(s)? Bryan
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    Review: UltraLasers 100mw

    I hope it works as you expected it to. That's a bummer with the lens though :'( Bryan