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  • 15 posts a day with only maybe 20% being useful is spam. Eku used to do this crap and we banned him 4 times. I'm not kidding with this one. Slow down kid.
    Im sure he wasnt spamming tech, he's been a GREAT customer. i'd recommend him thus far. Give it a bit on the lens. im going to get you the best lens possible, one for long range burning, and one for regular use.
    Don't know right now, When My dad was a Kid he would always go and get some, just look around. Last year he went on the 3rd and people actually came up to him and asked if he wanted fireworks, like 20 little chinese kids
    ? :( I'm not spamming for post counts im genuinely interested and excited about lasers

    Why is that a problem :(

    I'm in hawaii and won't be posting, anyways most of my posts have been about me buying things to help myself, I'm sorry I want to save money? And I alread donated to the forum I doubt c0ldshadow would be angry?
    Dude..14 posts a day
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