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405nm: Survival host 510mW
445nm: Potato Labbie 1232mW
457.9nm: Argon Line
462nm: Survival Host 1668mW
465nm: Saberforge Gladius Host *5400W*

473nm: Jetlasers PL-E 15mW
476nm: Argon Line
482.5nm: ILT 5470k Whitelight Line
488nm: Argon JDSU 2214-30SLQTA 23mW, JDSU 2211-65MLQLV 12mW
496.5nm: Argon Line
505nm: Converted Pen Light GH05030C2LM Diode 75mW
514.5nm: Argon Line
520nm: Survival Host 127mW
532nm: SDLaser Portable 61mW
543.5nm: HeNe Melles Griot ~1mW
568nm: ILT 5470k Whitelight Line
594.1nm: LHOR-0150M HeNe Line
604.6nm: LHOR-0150M HeNe Line
609nm: LHOR-0150M HeNe Line
611.8nm: Laser Chorus LHOR-0150M HeNe ~5mW
632.8nm: HeNe JDSU Head 18mW
635nm: Pen Style Pointer ~5mW
647nm: ILT 5470k Whitelight Line
660nm: Ehgemus host 275mW

685nm: Lumintop SilverFox Host 45mW
980nm: Pen Style Poiner 91mW




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