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    My another IR portable build (1W, 1x18650)

    well, i built the laser from the same parts listed above... worked at first however, within 10 minutes of very sparing use, the output was only a very faint IR ( as viewed from a camera) :( what could I have done wrong? also, it seems my seller sent me two 9mm diodes... one was the one i used...
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    This setup sound good?

    FYI, a lot of people on the forum use some of our "locally made" drivers like drlavas: http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/lava-micro-flexdrive-driver-lavadrive2-fits-pens-22502.html
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    My another IR portable build (1W, 1x18650)

    ahh so renno, is the link i posted a 9mm package?
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    My another IR portable build (1W, 1x18650)

    where did you find a 9mm diode?? isn't the standard size 5.6mm? like this one? 808nm 1000mw 1W burning IR laser diode. USA 3 day ship - eBay (item 270688002342 end time Jan-09-11 11:27:35 PST)
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    if you offer "laser safety" advice please read

    "trained in laser safety"?? you dont have to be trained in gun safety to tell someone not to point a gun at someone else
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    Who is responsible for seized laser?

    i live in north carolina :) what city??
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    Using a micro controller? LOOK HERE

    I MUST BUY THIS any retailers in the USA carrying this??
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    anyone weld with MIG?

    how much does the gas cost to refill?
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    anyone weld with MIG?

    i have been welding with a stick arc welder for a few years now, but i tried a MIG the other day and I am in love. it's just so easy to do a good job. does anyone else have one of these? how much does it cost to get a decent one with the tank and everything? is it easy enough to replace the...
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    3 winner of the poll: Dave, jayrob, lasersbee.

    Re: Who is the most reputable member in your mind to do a review? (gifts for you all) i chose daguin, he has helped me with many issues before and in my opinion, he knows everything there is to know about our hobby. also the priceangels site is great, i think you should add more cool items to...
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    Homemade phr lasers

    He said "I've made some VI curves for both PHR diodes and also the LPC diode." Sounds like he made VI curves for the PHR blu diode, PHR red, and LPC red :)
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    what is this? (laser machine)

    i was browsing my local state surplus sale today and i found this machine with laser warnings printed all over it... naturally i was intrigued :) however it was on silent auction, so i cant buy it just yet... anyone know what it is??
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    400 mw spartan no driver

    udanis, i have never purchased a diode without a current limiting driver but as i said, i have built one. let me explain again why his laser works: suppose you build a laser using a 3.6v 18650 battery. if you have only 3-4 ohms of internal resistance with the battery's resistance and the tin...
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    400 mw spartan no driver

    LOL nice. true that it might destroy the diode, but then again it might not. theoretically a diode in series with a power source and no resistance or driver would provide infinite current and fry the diode... however sometimes the battery and wire have just enough internal resistance to let the...
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    creating a thinner beam

    also, is the lens27 plastic? seems like it would be out of the question to use it with a 445, since these 1000mw+ beasts would cook a plastic lens