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    Unbelievable!! 7W 470nm NUBM07

    i haven't seen any 7w NUBM07 it run with driver boost , source by 1 x 18650 here is video : YXAyEZKgh5E EuO8UiyoNF8
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    FS : 1.4W green 525nm host by brass 1 x 18650

    1.9A is current safely
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    Mod pocket sanwu red 660nm to green 515nm

    i like green too! With diode singlemode i usually use the G2 lens for max output power and beam very small, i only use G8 or 3E for mutilmode diode for nice beam at far range!
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    searching driver for IR diode

    with IR diode you can use driver for flashlight with ACM7135 x 12 pcs - 350mA x 14 = 4900mA! or with driver has diameter 17mm 4200mA on EBAY here - you can solder more 2 pcs parallel with old ACM7135 350 on circuit board for getting 4900mA ! good luck bro (y)
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    My first laser build, OSRAM PLTB450B in a 14500 Flashlight Host

    hi from vietnam! good job bro!
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    Need 1-3 W green handheld laser by Saturday (3 days) sent to New York

    i sell 2W+ green it's 383.25 usd included costship DHL (3-5 days arrived) NOt include batteries and charge cause safe airlines b3gsfZeXe6A
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    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Great bro! Where did you got it?
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    Mod pocket sanwu red 660nm to green 515nm

    dear friend, i have just removed the red diode and driver from Pocket red laser Sanwu and put into it a green 515nm 1, take out red laser from host pocket: 2, Removed lens 3E of Red laser by a new G2 lens: 3, removed red diode by Green 515 diode, ( special at here is non-glass window default...
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    What driver can I use to supply 3A?

    here bro only 5-6$ run well this link aliexpress I suggest when you run with 2 x 18650 high current charge it can up more than 2.4A! It its good for life-time of your diode! if you choice exactly current 3A , sometimes it will be jumped to 3.4A or 3.5A for your NUBM08
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    Keychain 50mw 520nm Laser Driver, Power, and Button Mounting/Choices

    i have it with diameter 10mm price 15usd, but the costship by DHL is very high 75usd
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    Green laser 1w -1w4 from a my customer

    Green laser - zielony laser 1W / 1000mW max 1,2W / 1200mW How strong is the laser beam part 2 this is one of my products whichs made for customers! beside i have alot of other laser handle! j4cnaOMfJZQ fveohFvCotE EcrLVo4TunI
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    i can ship one pc anywhere, but that is waste your costship with DHL 75$/ once time with weight under 500gr
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    488-492 nm 100-150mW is 27 usd/pc, in stock about 20pcs :) with more and more quantity, pls pm and full stock after about 7 days :) 100pcs, 1000pcs, 100000pcs still enough 8-N2CIXlPMg