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  • welcome-- we have some great members in your state.
    I am forum rep for JETLASERS- done 10 group buys of 10 to 20 lasers each.
    I have a GB going on but may take a while and I have fear of our order have probs coming from China.
    I have a nice one here I am selling for JK.
    I saw a member mention zapping unwanted aquaium pests.
    THIS one would be the best choice as it is the most powerful laser for sale.
    paIF YOU look at members 'sigs' you will find that very many members owe one or more.. feel free to as anyone anything about JL and my dealings.

    here is a link (i THINK)
    black10X Beam Expander

    split messg
    see part 2rt 2
    go to jetlasers--find 450 445 blue Pro Pk-E click 5 W and add Bean Expander.. big discount on just this one..
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