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ArcticMyst Security by Avery




405nm 218mW
405nm 497mW LG 8X
405nm 665mW BDR-209
445nm 1.265W M140
450nm 191mW PLT540B
450nm 160mW PLT540B
450nm 6.987W NUBM44
462nm 382mW NDB7675
465nm 1.648W N465
476nm DOA
487.2nm 56mW Sharp GH04850B2G
490nm 25mW Sharp GH04850B2G
494.5nm 80mW Sharp GH04955A2G
505nm 85mW SB147EC91
520nm 25mW PL520
532nm 106mW 303
650nm 50mw pen
808nm 400mW PGL-III-808

"if someone can press keys on their keyboard and make you scream in caps and resort to cursing then you lose, you are no more than a remote control idiot." RedCowboy




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